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The Brief (Adobe Sprint Prompt)

Design an iPad or Android tablet app that helps parents care for their children while the whole family is working and schooling at home during this pandemic.

Concept & Solution

Loop is a home organizer platform that gives parents a digital medium where they can have up to date status updates and communication with their children so they aren’t constantly interrupted from their work from home routine. It also provides children a fun interactive platform that rewards daily achievements and motivates them to remain focused and committed to their daily tasks, thus lowering their dependence on their parents. Features include: a "Family Feed", family calendar, task assignment and reward function with family leaderboard, and video/chat functions with instant "ping". Won third place in a 72 hour Adobe Creative Jam Sprint.

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Home Dashboard

Snapshot Info Widgets

Widgets are shown on the dashboard such as upcoming tasks and events, task progress point tracking and calendar showing family member current activity and schedule. Dashboards are unique to each family member. Shown here is the perspective of the mom, Claire

Family Feed

The family grapevine where posts detailing completed tasks and events status are shown to keep all family members up to date in real time. Posts are automatically added as events/task status change or family members can manually post notes and updates as well. Feed is designed to fixed so as to be accessed on every screen.

Task Manager

Task Assigner

Tasks can generated by and assigned to any family member. Multiple family members can be assigned to a task and the task will automatically populate in their own profile. Tasks are color coded to indicate level of urgency and importance.

Task Rewards

Tasks can also be assigned a point value and completion of tasks can allow accrucal of points, shown in the top right corner, to create a fun competition. A leaderboard shown on the home dash tracks each family member's points and the family can use points to establish their own incentives. Perhaps a child winning means pizza for dinner?

Statistics Tracking

Positive Reinforcement

Tracking tasks completed and points earned serves as encouragement and positive reinforcement for the family member. Allowing a family member to track their progress across time provides a nice form of motivation to build upon their previous progress. Parents can also track a child's statistics.

Screen Activity

Providing a screen activity statistic so that parents can choose to monitor their child's device usage. Monitoring screen activity is essential for a parent to keep up with a child's daily habits and make sure the child is staying on task.

Family Communicator

Family Member Cards

All family members are shown in the family tab. Each card design shows name and their current status as well as access to each member's statistics as well as their current total rewards points amount.

Chat, Video Call, or Ping

Each family member has several options to communicate with each other including basic chat and video calling functions. Pinging is designed to be used to alert a family member who may be busy in a subtle and discreet manner so as to not disurb their current activity. Children may find it useful when they need to alert their parents in a meeting.


Always In-the-know

The calendar tab is one of the major components of nav bar making it easy to pull up the family calendar in a second. Each family member's calendar can also be hidden by tapping on their profile picture to make it easier to focus on who is doing what at any given time. The date scroll and the singular "Add Event" CTA makes it easy to plan and see events in the future.

Color Coding

Each family member is also color coded on the calendar to provide an instant update at a quick glance.